Organix Concept Team - Manufacturer of Bike Lights China

We are quite unique. Our Head Office, product design & sales team is based in Hong Kong with our factory & manufacturing all of our products based in Shenzhen, China.

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Most factories of Bike Lights are Chinese owned, China based with designs based on what the market offers already with their shipping and payment company based in Hong Kong.

Most Manufacturers of Bike Lights in China do not understand market demands, quality or designs needed for the changing market.

At Organix Concept, we understand what the cyclist and Retailer of Cycling accessories needs.

Our whole Design, CEO and Team is based and live in Hong Kong whilst our Factory is based in China  which enables us to focus is on high quality design bike lights for cyclists but at an affordable price.

We offer both an OEM and an ODM service enabling Large Retailers, Brands and Distributors to be competitive but also innovative in the market place.

If you are a Retail Buyer, Brand owner or Distributor of Bike Lights and Cycling Accessories, we’d like to talk to you.